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Georgia HOA denies couple their solar dream


A Georgia HOA has rejected David and Angela Dobs' request to install solar panels on their roof. The latest proposal is to place them on the roof at the far left. [Photo Courtesy of David Dobs]

The following guest column is written by David Dobs who is battling his Atlanta, Ga., area HOA over the right to install solar on his home. To learn more about David's case and to support him and his wife in their quest to add solar to their home, check out the Vickery Lake Blocks Solar Facebook page.

david-dobs-guest-column1As an electrical engineer with 35 years experience in the profession and as a consulting engineer, I have always had the dream of some day owning a solar-powered home.  In March 2011, I completed a course of study in the design and installation of solar energy systems and passed a solar fundamentals exam given by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners.

After a detailed discovery process, I learned that an investment of $33,000 would be sufficient to install a solar panel system capable of meeting 100 percent of our home energy needs.  After federal and state tax incentives totaling $20,000, my final cost would amount to $13,000. 

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Activists send message in HOA solar battle


Activists scrawled a graffiti message over the South Shore Heights HOA entry sign. [Photo Credit: SouthShoreHeightsLawsuit.Com]

editors-blog-entry3Things are heating up again in an Omaha, Neb. HOA where a resident, Timothy Adams, is being sued for installing a solar PV system on his home’s roof.

In contrast to the case we covered that occurred in Texas about a year ago in which the HOA dropped its suit against a homeowner and residents are now permitted to install solar on their roofs (although only on their back roof, which discriminates against those with front, south-facing roofs), the South Shore Heights Homeowners Association (SSHA) has so far showed every indication it will take this case to the bitter – and, we hope, for the HOA, losing end – no matter how much it costs HOA members in legal fees.

The SSHA vs. Adams’ case, which we’ve covered ourselves, has garnered local, state and national media attention, in large part because Adams put his case before Omaha residents – and the tens of thousands of people who drive I-80 every day through Omaha -- via a giant billboard.

Now, perhaps in part due to this national attention, activists have taken things into their own hands and have scrawled two graffiti messages over two South Shore Heights entry signs.

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Nebraska man battles HOA for right to solar


A Nebraska man being sued by his HOA for putting solar on his home is taking is case to the public with a billboard ad. [Photo Credit: South Shore Heights Lawsuit Web Site]

About a year ago, we wrote about a case in which a Texas HOA sued a homeowner for putting solar on his home.

As it turns out, that HOA had a change of heart and withdrew its suit, in part due to public backlash and in part because a survey of its own HOA members showed more than two-thirds were in favor of allowing solar installations on homes within HOA bounds.

Let’s hope for a similar outcome in a case that’s cropped up recently in Nebraska – like Texas, not exactly a hotbed for solar, in fact, a state that’s actually arguably worse for solar than Texas in terms of solar awareness.

There, Omaha resident and Orthodontist Timothy Adams has been sued by South Shore Heights Homeowners Association for putting up a solar system on the back roof of his home.

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Texas HOA drops suit against solar homeowner

texas-flower-mound-mapA few weeks ago, SolarChargeDriving.Com wrote about the case of a Texas homeowner whose HOA was suing him for installing a solar system on his roof.

Well, the Flower Mound of Wellington HOA recently withdrew its lawsuit against the homeowner.

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An HOA (ours) gives go-ahead to go solar


Thank you Cherry Creek HOA Professionals, LLC. for approving our application to install a 5.5 kW solar system on our perfect-for-solar, south-facing, Aurora, Colo. roof!

I apologize for being so anxious about this a couple of weeks ago. Back then, I had just read about a case in Texas, in which an HOA was suing a homeowner for installing a solar system on his roof.

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