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Top 10 Reasons to Solar-Charge an EV!

10. You help drive solar – and EVs – forward!
9. No more trips to the gas station – ever!
8. Big long-term savings – and no more money to Big Oil!
7. “Drill, Baby, Drill!” crowd eats crow!
6. G-L-O-B-A-L W-A-R-M-I-N-G
5. Complete fuel independence!
4. Cleaner air – in your garage, in your neighborhood, in your city, everywhere!
3. A solar-charged EV is a true ZEV (zero emissions vehicle)!
2. The looks on neighbors’ faces when you tell them you power your car with sun…
1. Is there anything cooler than running your car off the sun?

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Nissan: Even $10k won't get me to buy my LEAF


Nissan is offering lesees $5,000 if they'll buy their LEAF at the end of their LEAF lease. But I'm guessing most won't take Nissan up on this offer.

editors-blog-entry3So, apparently Nissan is offering some people who've leased a 2012, 2013 LEAF and who have come to the end of their lease terms $5,000 off of the cost of the car -- if these LEAF lesees offer to buy out Nissan on their LEAF lease.

Not a bad idea, Nissan.

But it's not enough, not nearly enough.

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Battling against utilities' war on rooftop solar

editors-blog-entry3I've written widely on Big Utilities' War on Rooftop Solar, and on the ways in which Big Utilities seriously constrain individual consumer choice and freedom. Indeed, vertically integrated (meaning utilities control the electricity production AND the distribution network for that electricity) utility monopolies are among the most anti-American, anti-free-market entities we have in the United States.

But as good as my blog critiques have been, ;-), they're not as good as this video (see above). It's definitely worth a view, and four minutes of your time.

Go ahead, I know you'll enjoy it -- and there's even a cat playing piano clip at the end, in case animal, rather than solar rights, videos are what float your boat ;-)


The myth of the 'affordable' Tesla


The Model S is a great car -- I sure wish I had one -- but I, like the vast majority of Americans, cannot afford one.

editors-blog-entry3I'm a huge fan of Tesla, and I am very happy for all Tesla owners out there -- especially those powering their Teslas with home solar.

But can we stop with the ridiculous claim of a Tesla Model S being anything other than WAY too expensive for anyone with a household income of fewer than six figures, and, realistically, in 99 percent of cases, anyone with a household income of less than $200,000 per year!

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Tesla delivers the tools for #griddefection

tesla-and-powerwalleditors-blog-entry3Yes! I am SOOOO stoked: Tesla announced yesterday that "Tesla Energy" will be producing home battery packs called "Powerwalls."

The Powerwall will allow people like me -- I've got a 5.6 kW solar system on my home's roof -- to store the solar energy I produce during the day and then use it at night to do things like, hmmm..., I don't know -- maybe charge my all-electric Nissan LEAF with pure solar generated electricity!!!

That. Is. Freaking. Awesome.

Truly. Is.

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STELLA world's most practical solar-powered car


STELLA, a 100 percent solar-powered car, and Lex Hoefsloot, a member of the student-research team at Eindhoven Technical University in The Netherlands. [Photo by Albert Graham]

albert-grahamFor years, genuine solar charged driving or in-situ solar charged driving, took place relatively unnoticed on back roads and special racetracks far removed from the main highways and byways of America. Sleek, aerodynamic (mostly teardrop shaped) cars covered in solar panels silently zipped along in competitions with vehicles mostly piloted by university students and weekend hobbyist. 

The vehicles, sometimes just barely large enough to fit one average sized person inside and a little sturdier than light framed bicycles,  placed maximum emphasis on speed and distance traveled with a lesser degree of emphasis placed on passenger comfort.  After all, the objective was to just arrive at the finish line in the quickest time possible. 

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Why everything is political--electric cars included


I'm positively gleeful that oil companies haven't received a penny from me for 14 months. But does my in-your-face activism turn people off? If so -- and I'm not sure it does -- as far as I'm concernded the only people who are going to be turned off are the very last people on earth likely to go electric anyway. So screw 'em!

editors-blog-entry3I'm a political activist at heart. Have been since the age of 11, and always will be for better and/or for worse -- depending on your perspective.

I'm literally incapable of being a follower or of swiming with the mainstream -- though I might be a happier person if I had this capacity.

I don't mean that I'll show up at work one day in a pink dress and tights, although I think it's radically silly and dumb that if I wanted to do this, that I would be "forbidden" from doing so by larger social norms.

Pink dresses for men aren't important to my personal identity, but I acknowledge they are for other men - good for them!

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